Rigidity + reactivity + comfort  urban pedaling pleasure


The frame of Unica is quintessential Italian-style bike crafting. Skillfully welded from high quality steel frame tubes, the Unica is designed to be as stiff and light as a racing bike frame, at the same time optionally offering the convenience of quick and easy folding to fit into a car trunk, on a train rack, or in an elevator.


UNICA is your best friend  both in off-saddle jump starts as well as in high speed swings.

But it also efficiently transforms the spinning of your legs into immediate speed along straight city avenues.


UNICA Anticipates your twists and turns, building on your starts and stops alongside city traffic.

Just imagine you have some extra power in your legs -- that's the feeling you’ll experience.

No battery charge left? No problem, you can ride the UNICA as a normal bike, and what a bike!


Ride Urban Minimalism

Each Unica is really unique, assembled to your specs once you choose frame type (folding or fixed), handlebar, color, and optionally install our beautiful black mudguards.

The Unica's frame is inspired to design principles that go back to the ‘70s. At the same time its folding frame is evocative of Graziella, an iconic bike manufactured in Italy during the 60s.

Thanks to the very light power equipment and the minimalistic frame design, Unica weighs as much as a standard mechanical city bike. While riding your Unica, push your pedals -- the Unica returns performance so you can more efficiently power your bicycle. Unica is a fast bike also when the BIKE+ hub is turned off.

Electrical assistance, optimally transferred to the road by the Unica design, gives you the extra boost you need for sprinting at traffic lights and racing up the city's hills. Let the Unica help you move faster and save your energy. Electrical power is basically used only when really useful -- in general, less than on an ordinary e-bike. 


  • light and movable at 13-14 kg (depending on selected configuration)

  • integrated kickstand 

  • Designed and manufactured with love in Italy by skilled craftsmen

  • size: 150cm (W) x 65cm (H) x 25cm (D)

  • size (folding frame): 70 CM (W) X 75 CM (H) X 25CM (D)

  • single geared, but the electric motor is like having infinite gearing

  • frame is designed and optimized for all-in-one hub

  • max saddle height 97cm (approximately corresponds to 58cm frame size)

  • polished metallic powder-coated painting

  • 250W all-in-one brushless silent electric motor

  • charging time to 80% capacity of about 2 hours

  • the motor turns on when you start pedaling and turns off automatically 

  • high range (up to 50-60 km) with regenerative breaking

  • Android and iPhone app for dynamic setting with Bike+ technology provided by Zehus

  • high-quality components (Brooks saddle, Schwalbe tires, Sturmey Archer …)

  • 20 inch, 35mm Schwalbe tires (can be fixed with off-the-shelf parts)

  • Powerful Tektro caliper brakes

  • Service as a normal bike

Create your Unica


You can customize your Unica by selecting the features you like best. Each Unica is assembled upon order in our workshop in Milano, before being shipped to your reseller, who will then assemble and test it before handing it over to you. Our resellers can assist  you when ordering the bike directly through this website in a dedicated area. 

To help you in your choice, here are a few example configurations of the Unica to inspire you before ordering.


You can find a list of Vrum Bike official resellers here.

We prefer that you buy your Unica at one of our resellers, as they can provide technical assistance and personalized recommendations. However, If there are no resellers close to where you live, you can order directly the Unica at our online shop. In this case we'll ship the product directly to you and you'll have to assemble it by following the instruction manual (don't worry, it's easy).