Extreme commuting, enjoyable commuting (continued)

This vivid although older position paper, while destroying e-bikes in general, perfectly supports our view about electric bicycles in general and bike commuting in particular:


Here, cheap e-bikes are criticised for their low profile “as bicycles” and the low quality of the components, and power e-bikes are dismissed as too expensive. However, the main argument is that if you go electrical, in particular for commuting, you miss the pleasure and the positives of pedaling.

We think that Vrum e-bikes answer exactly all the issues raised by Justin: high quality, top components, bike crafting can be paired with electrical assistance, at a reasonable price, if the technology is the right one. In our case, the Zehus Bike+ All-in-one Hub.

With a bike like this, the pleasure and the “fitness effect” of commuting by bike is preserved, while extending your range and minimising your perspiration.