Extreme commuting, enjoyable commuting

This  interesting piece on the Guardian (Can e-bikes revolutionise long-distance commuting?) analyzes the upper limit for bike commuting.

In this case, a very long range bike commuting experience (about 130km!) becomes feasible thanks to the extreme range of electrical bikes, i.e. those not compliant with the European Standard e-bike regulatory definition (NF EN 15194: no assistance if not pedalling, no more than 250W, no more than 25 Km/h). Actually, those are heavy but fast electrical motorcycles on which you can pedal if and as you wish.

Our Vrum Bikes are, in some way, at the opposite extreme of the range: very light and high-quality bikes, with e-bike compliant assistance, on which it is a pleasure to pedal. In practice, you ride as usual and your Vrum amplifies your push when needed (re-starts and uphill).

With bikes of the Vrum class (by the way, a very restricted, elite class), commuting range can be also significantly extended with respect to mechanical bikes (although not to the distances mentioned in the article), in particular in hilly areas or with high start-stop destiny roads.

The good thing is that while commuting you still enjoy all of the biking pleasure.