Two views on “The Future of Cycling”

The claim of the Cyclotron Bike’s inventors - “The Future of Cycling” - seems indeed realistic.

This very interesting project features an impressive number of innovative ideas, our favourites being the hubless, spokeless wheels, which create a nice “Utility Slot” for carrying stuff while honouring the golden rule: “keep your center of gravity low”. We also love the airless tyres and the general, extreme integration: lights, geometry adjustment, transmission, e-gearbox, sensors and cabling. Even the customisable decor technique is really smart.

Of course, from a pure biker perspective, the overall biking experience has still to be fully assessed: reactivity, pedalling feeling and sound (yes, the sound of your bike rolling is one of the foundations of the biking pleasure…) are going to be very different from traditional biking. Would it be better, or at least comparable?

Left: Vrum Unica, Center: the Cyclotron, Right: Vrum Meccanica

The Cyclotron example (and the above images) put in clear evidence what’s the Vrum biking philosophy. We too want to offer to our clients the improvements of the most advanced technology, like the revolutionary all-in-one Zehus Bike+ electrical hub, the best modern components, and the frame designed for practical effectiveness, but we also strive to keep in our bicycles the full spirit and feeling of traditional, Italian style bike crafting. But, above all, we are obsessive in giving to our riders the full pleasure of the traditional, high quality, biking.

In this perspective, we think that our Vrum bikes are a just different view on “The Future of Cycling” .