Giò Pozzo

With great sorrow we learned that Giò Pozzo - architect, journalist, bike mechanic - passed away last Thursday. We knew he was very ill but we thought we could have a few more chances to visit him and enjoy his wit. Unfortunately, we could not.

A few years ago Giò created - along with his partner Adriano - the Orcocicli bike workshop in Milano, where classic, beautiful mechanical bikes were custom designed and built to order with painstaking attention to detail for their lucky owners.

When we launched Vrumbike in 2014, Orcocicli were our initial partners, mentors and technical advisors. The captivating design and the performant geometry of the Cattiva and Piega models, the forerunners of our current Unica product, came directly from their experience.

After winding down Orcocicli last year, Giò still hung around in his workshop, and we used to meet him once or twice a month to discuss our issues and our progress.

We’ll greatly miss his competence, his skills, and his advice.

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Associazione +bc