The Meccanica is here

Many times over the past two years, particularly at fairs and demo events, people have asked whether we would be making a purely mechanical bicycle based on our eye-catching Unica frame. Several cyclists are in fact attracted by our design but are not yet ready to take the pedelec route and prefer a not-assisted ride.

Moreover, the technical features of our Unica, AS A BICYCLE, and the feeling you get while riding it, naturally lead us to the pure leg-powered option.

So, here is our Meccanica bicycle. 


It is based on the proven, compact and reactive Unica frame. Instead of the Zehus all-in-one electric hub, it mounts a Sturmey Archer 3-speed integrated gear with coaster brake. The coaster brake, coupled with the front Tektro brake, provides a dependable braking. 

The Meccanica - like its Unica sibling - is customizable with fixed or foldable frame, Bullhorn or City handle, and comes with a complimentary hand-made leather handle to easily move the bike around. It is painted in a beautiful blue-gray color which perfectly matches the dark brown leather of the Brooks saddle.

The Meccanica will be available soon on our website shop and from our resellers at an introductory price of € 1.490 until December 31st.