Unica 2016

Vrum Bikes are built around an innovative and unique compact frame design, derived from the ’70s tradition and engineered to optimally host the most advanced, all-in-one electrical assistance technology currently available. Italian traditional steel frame design at its best for city riding: light, reactive, stable and optionally foldable.

Cattiva e Piega - our models since the beginning - are two variants of this idea taken to different extremes. Cattiva emphasises stiffness and reactivity, while Piega focus on comfort and portability.

In the last few months, we have received many requests for mixed configurations, comprised of different Cattiva and Piega options. Examples include what we call “Piega Incattivita”, a foldable Piega frame mounting the Cattiva handlebar, saddle and pedals, and “Cattiva Ingentilita”, a fixed frame with comfort spring saddle and mudguards. Here is a red Piega Incattivita:

With 2016, we offer a more flexible range of Vrum bikes. In practice, you'll be able to fully configure your Vrum Bike directly when ordering. We call this new super-model “Unica”.

By picking your favourite combination of frame (foldable or not), handlebar and saddle you can therefore personalize your Vrum Bike as it suits you best. All Unica models come in metallic color and have nice custom black mudguards included. You can also order a custom color (RAL system) with a supplement. The foldable version has an integrated kickstand.

Our previous “Cattiva” and “Piega” models are still available, though. They are just specific configurations for the Unica product: for the Cattiva choose a fixed frame, bullhorn handlebar, sport saddle, for the Piega choose a foldable frame with spring saddle and city handlebar.

Your “Unica” is waiting for you at vrumbike.com starting from € 2.990. Our website and shop will be updated in the next few days to reflect these changes.