Here you can find answers to most common questions you may have about our pedelec and mechanical bikes. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please email us (info at Thank you.

About Vrum bikes

When can I get my Vrum bike?

We regularly have a limited number of frames available. Order now from a Vrumbike reseller or from our online shop to have your bike shipped in 10-15 business days.

How are Vrum bikes powered?

Vrum e-bikes are powered by BIKE+ all in one hub, provided by Zehus. This innovative all-in-one kit is a breakthrough in e-bike technology. Vrum mechanical bikes such as the Meccanica are powered by your muscles only.

Do the Vrum e-bikes recharge while you're pedaling?

Yes, how much your bike recharges depends on the assistance level you select in the mobile app; at the most ‘eco’ setting, you rarely need to plug the bike into a power outlet.

What’s the meaning of Vrum?

Vehicles for Reinvented Urban Mobility

What is the weight of Vrum bikes?

Unica is one of the lightest e-bike available in the market at about 14kg, while the Grande is slightly more at about 16kg. Most other ebikes weight at least 18 kg -- and you can feel it. Meccanica weighs less than 11 kg.

How much maintenance is required by Vrum bikes?

No more than any normal high quality bike, usually less than that: Vrum bikes are built with the best available material and components and are designed for high durability and robust use.

How are Vrum bikes different from other e-bikes?

Actually you shoud try one to understand; let’s say they are light and specifically designed to provide maximum riding pleasure.

What are the differences between the Unica and the Grande?

Both bikes are based on excellent frame geometry, providing rigidity and performance, and powered by the technology of Zehus all-in-one hub motor. The Unica is compact, fast and optionally foldable, it, while the Grande - thanks to is larger wheels and different gears - provides a smoother riding for longer distances.

Is there an app distributed with the e-bikes?

Yes, the Bike+ app for Unica and Grande models is provided by Zehus and you can download it from Google Play or iTunes app store.

Where can I buy a Vrum bike?

You can buy a Vrum bike at one of our resellers throughout Europe. Our resellers will prepare and test you bike before delivery. Alternatively, you can buy your Unica or Grande on our web shop. Currently we ship to selected countries in Continental Europe, America (except the U.S.), and Asia.

Do you have resellers in America and Asia?

Currently we do not have resellers outside Europe; if you are a reseller interested in distributing Vrum e-bikes, please email us at info at

What are shipping costs?

Shipping  to Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Benelux, Austria, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Portugal) is € 90, flat fee when you buy directly on the web shop. Shipping costs to other countries will be provided on request. There are no shipping costs when you buy at one of our Resellers. From time to time and for a limited period we include free-shipping with your order.

Are there different bike sizes?

The Unica and the Meccanica are single size, as the seat tube and the handlebar can be easily moved to adapt to your height; saddle height can be adjusted from 79cm up to 97cm, which corresponds to a frame size of 58cm. The Grande comes in two sizes, 54cm and 57cm.

Can I test drive Vrum bikes?

Of course, we recommend driving a Vrum bike before purchase. Please visit one of our Resellers to organize a test. If you are in Milan we’ll be happy to organize a test drive of our bikes. We have a Unica, a Grande, and a Meccanica ready for you. Just send us an email at info @ and we’ll be in touch.

Where are you located?

You can find us in Milano, in the heart of Isola neighbourhood, close to the ‘Garibaldi’ railway and subway station. We assemble our bikes right here, in a small lab in a courtyard of an old Milanese house.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. We do not store your credit card data. Payment is handled by Stripe on hosted secure pages. Stripe is fully PCI compliant and adheres to stringent security standards.

What if I've reached my Credit Card limit?

You can pre-order your Vrum bike by paying an advance of about 25% of list price by credit card and complete the payment through SEPA wire transfer right after pre-order. Please refer to your Reseller or to the web shop for details.


About zehus bike+ all-in-one hub

What is the range of my Vrum Bike with the BIKE+ all in one hub?

It depends on the working mode. In the assisted mode the minimum range is 30km, and you are getting full assistance. If you enable bike+ technology the batteries will never discharge and the BIKE+ all in one hub will optimize your riding energy, decreasing your effort by 30-40%.

How long can I leave my Vrum Bike with BIKE+ hub without using or charging it?

Since the battery pack uses Li-ion technology, a tiny self discharge can bring the battery to zero in 4 to 6 months, depending on the weather conditions. After a long stay, we suggest to plug in the charger and check the battery state of charge using the smartphone.

What is the charging time from full discharged to fully charged?
Approximately 3 hours

Is the smartphone necessary for using my Vrum Bike with the BIKE+ all in one hub?

No, your smartphone allows you to update your settings on the go if needed. The BIKE+ hub features automatic switch on, switch off and remembers your settings

Which regulations does my Vrum Bike with the WIZE hub respect?

The BIKE+ all in one hub was design to be compliant to the EU norms for pedal assisted bikes (250W power, 25 km/h max pedal assisted speed)

Is BIKE+ all in one hub certified?

BIKE+ all in one hub is compliant for air shipping (UN 38.3) and is CE certified